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The Nevada Globe is an independent, professional news website obsessively chronicling everything important and interesting throughout the Silver State, Nevada. We are pro-growth and pro-business, non-partisan and objective; we report what we see and hear without fear or favor.

Nevada is where Americans come to dream.

In 1864, there were 10,000 people here. The dream to become the 36th state seemed unthinkably out of reach, as Congress had required 60,000 residents before it would be considered. The dreamers of Nevada persisted, and on October 31, 1864, word arrived from Washington.

“The pain is over, the child is born, Nevada this day was admitted into the Union.”

And, of course, even that noble legend was drenched in politics. Abraham Lincoln was counting on the mining interests of the Silver State to support the industrial north (and presumably his re-election).

Today, there are more than 3 million Nevadans. Our state remains the country’s gaming capital and has broadened its economy in all directions, making it the nation’s fastest-growing state.

Add to that our status as that increasingly rare animal in American politics—the swing state. Nevada voters have backed the winner of every presidential election since 1912, with the exception of 1976 (we picked Ford) and 2016 (Clinton). Our status as an early caucus state has further underlined our importance in national politics.

What you’ll get from The Nevada Globe is obsessive coverage of the people who make the state run. Additionally, political coverage, important and interesting happenings, and you, our valued reader requests, and op-eds.

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Meet the Editor:

Megan Barth is the founding editor of The Nevada Globe. She has written for The Hill, The Washington Times, The Daily Wire, American Thinker, Canada Free Press, and The Daily Caller and has appeared frequently on, among others, Headline News CNN, NewsMax TV, and One America News Network. When she isn’t editing, writing, or talking, you can find her hiking and relaxing in The Sierras.


The Nevada Globe publishes fresh, original content every day. Errors are regrettable but inevitable. When mistakes occur, it is our policy to address them with a correction, update, clarification, or editor’s note as quickly and as transparently as possible. Our aim is for readers to understand exactly what mistake was made, the correct information that replaces or supplements it, and in some relevant cases, why the mistake occurred (eg, we misunderstood what a source was telling us vs. simply mistyping a year). While minor mistakes of spelling or grammar are corrected without special mention, mistakes that alter the thrust or understanding of a story are appended in a way that clarifies what went wrong and how it’s been corrected.

If you believe a story in The Nevada Globe is in need of correction or clarification, please email us at editor@nevadaglobe.com.

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