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In 2020, a police body camera captured Robert Telles sitting in the back of a police car while being arrested on charges of domestic abuse and resisting arrest. Telles is now charged with the murder of Las Vegas journalist Jeff German. (LVMPD)

A Police Body Camera Captured Robert Telles’s Domestic Violence Arrest in 2020

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, September 16, 2022 2:31 pm

During an arrest on charges of domestic assault in 2020, police body camera footage shows Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles slurring and accusing officers of attempting to “take [him] down.”

According to an arrest report and criminal complaint, Telles was arrested on Feb. 29, 2020, after reportedly putting his wife in a “bear hug” during a night of bickering. He was also charged with resisting arrest by attempting to evade being detained.

Telles is now accused of murdering Jeff German, a Las Vegas Review-Journal writer who had written stories on charges that Telles produced a hostile work environment in the public administrator’s office. Telles is being jailed without bond at the Clark County Detention Center. His next court date is set for Tuesday, September 20.

According to the arrest report for the 2020 incident, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police received a complaint that a woman was arguing with her intoxicated spouse. Officers arrived and spoke with the wife, who stated that Telles had been inebriated while they were at the Bellagio and they had an argument.

They left for home, and the disagreement grew physical while the wife was driving, according to the woman. According to the report, Telles grabbed her around the front of her neck, and at one time he also slapped her arm and the steering wheel, causing the car to swerve.

According to the report, the altercation continued in their home. The woman attempted to shut herself and her children in another room, but Telles stormed in and pursued them as they fled. Telles “grabbed her in a tight ‘bear hug'” and refused to let go until police arrived, according to the wife. According to one of the children, cops “had to pry” Telles away from his wife.

Officers appear to be interviewing Telles’ family in video from the arrest, albeit the video is blurred with a blur and the audio is redacted.

Another video shows officers handcuffing Telles and carrying him out of his residence.

Telles can be heard slurring his speech and asking officers again, “Who did I hit?”

Telles pled not guilty to the domestic violence charge, which was withdrawn after discussions, according to the case disposition.

He was sentenced to a suspended jail sentence, “corrective thinking,” and a stay out of trouble order for the resisting charge. The charge was eventually dropped in March 2021, and the matter was ended.

According to Nevada Bar records, Telles, a licensed attorney, has not faced any disciplinary measures since his admission in 2015.

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“You guys just wanna take me down because I’m a public official,” Telles says many times as he rejects any wrongdoing.

After being sat in the back of a police cruiser, he inquires as to the reason for his detention and continues to deny hitting his wife.

When an officer indicates Telles’ intoxication was most likely the cause of his arrest, Telles responds that he’s “been way drunker than this.”

“Apparently before, you didn’t grab her throat and follow her around the Bellagio,” an officer answers as Telles maintains her innocence.

Telles is later brought out of the cruiser and photographed by a crime scene investigator before being returned to the automobile.

“So you’re booking me or what?”  Telles inquires.

“Yes,” an officer says.

“Seriously?” Telles inquires.

“Yeah, man.”

“Like, my kids have, like, totally collaborated(sic) my wife’s story? Really?”

“That- that’s something for you all to figure out later,” the officer says. “I’m just telling you, that’s what’s going on.”

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