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Accused Stalker of Nevada Governor Ordered for Competency Evaluation

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 26, 2024 6:22 pm

In a concerning turn of events, a judge has mandated that the man accused of stalking Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo undergo a competency evaluation after repeatedly failing to appear in court. Stanley Weaver III, 28, faces serious allegations of breaking into a residence where he believed the governor once resided, fueled by unfounded suspicions of Lombardo being involved in a murder, as initially reported by 8 News Now Investigators.

During a recent hearing, Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Dickerson revealed that Weaver targeted the home due to his misguided belief that the governor was linked to a past homicide. Weaver’s erratic behavior led to a Clark County grand jury indicting him on charges of aggravated stalking and first-degree arson.

Investigative documents shed light on Weaver’s delusions, indicating his belief that the governor was responsible for the death of a former neighbor despite confirmation that the individual was alive and well. Weaver has been in custody since his arrest, consistently refusing to attend court appearances, as highlighted by Dickerson.

Despite efforts from his state-appointed attorneys, Weaver has declined to engage with them while in jail, raising concerns about his mental state and capacity to stand trial. In response to these alarming developments, Judge Eric Johnson has ordered a competency evaluation for Weaver before proceeding with the stalking case, underscoring the need to assess his mental fitness.

Additional details from investigative documents revealed Weaver’s family expressing fears that he may pose a threat to the governor’s family, prompting precautions such as securing knives in the apartment. With his bail set at $1 million earlier this month by Judge Eric Goodman, Weaver is scheduled to appear in competency court on April 17 for further assessment and legal proceedings.

The case involving Stanley Weaver III serves as a stark reminder of the complexities surrounding mental health issues within the criminal justice system. It underscores the importance of ensuring defendants’ competency to participate in legal proceedings. The court’s decision to prioritize Weaver’s evaluation reflects a commitment to upholding due process and safeguarding the integrity of the judicial process.

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