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CJ So Cool Recovers From Henderson House Gunshot

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 16, 2023 6:39 am

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (702 Times, NV Globe) – After being shot in his Henderson, Nevada, home, social media star Cordero James, often known as CJ, is recovering at Sunrise Hospital.

”They just started yelling at me I jumped up and they started firing at me so I just started fighting both of them off, it was two guys I got my hand on the right guys gun and my left hand on the left guys gun and they’re just shooting shooting shooting shooting shooting everywhere,” said Cordero James.

He has a solid reputation as a nice father and creator of vlogs for viewers of all ages.

“I post videos every day because I live a luxurious life but I don’t have enemies,” said CJ.

Police refer to CJ’s four leg shots as the result of a targeted attack.

He said that he never imagined what occurred on Thursday morning.

“I’m definitely in pain, tired, I’m still in shock,” said CJ.

Two men dressed in all black burst through his window at three in the morning and entered his room, which was on the third level.

“They literally kicked in my door so I had no time to react I was sleeping so I had no time to react I was wondering is this a dream? I felt like I was in a dream where you can’t move,” said CJ.

According to CJ, his instincts were useful.

“They hit me here and I fell. When I fell my reaction was to go to my nightstand, me falling reminded me I have my own protection, I have a CCW. I started shooting back and both ran out of the room falling down the stairs. One of them fell through the garage wall,” said CJ.

Alexis Lohmier, his girlfriend, has lived in Henderson her whole life, and she has never seen or heard anything like this. “After the crime scene and all the detectives left his assistant went to the house to grab his belongings. I seen from FaceTime the worst crime scene I had ever seen in my life, there was blood everywhere,” said Alexis.

CJ’s home is in a highly guarded area of MacDonald Highlands in Henderson, according to the police, who said that this was a targeted attack.

The house was completely unaltered.

“I have two SUVs in the garage opened both the trunks looking for God knows what there’s nothing in there they didn’t take any of my jewelry I have a million dollars in jewelry in my closet,” said CJ.

While the inquiry is ongoing, CJ is of the opinion that his status as a social media influencer is to blame. He thinks those who attacked him were aware of his prominence.

“I definitely don’t feel safe it’s me personally I think the neighborhood is safe but me being a celebrity and always online I’m very flashy I do wear jewelry maybe I’m not the right person for that neighborhood,” said CJ.

CJ, a father of three, had his daughter at home before the incident; he expressed gratitude that they were not present when it happened.

Plans call for him to stay in Las Vegas but move out of his current residence. He wishes they could find the suspects. We’ll update you on this story.

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