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Clark County School District (CCSD) Commits to Utilizing Senate Bill 231 Funds for Educators’ Compensation Beyond Agreements

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, August 23, 2023 5:25 pm

LAS VEGAS – In a move aimed at enhancing educators’ compensation, the Clark County School District (CCSD) has announced its dedication to employing all available funding provided by Senate Bill 231 (SB 231) to pay CCSD educators and staff in a manner that surpasses the agreements negotiated for this year.

CCSD, along with the Education Support Employees Association (ESEA) and Teamsters Local 14, has reached a consensus to commence negotiations concerning the allocation of SB 231 funds. The initiation of these talks is contingent upon receiving pertinent information related to the bill from key entities, namely the Nevada Department of Education (NDE), Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB), and Interim Finance Committee (IFC).

CCSD’s proposal involves earmarking 66% of the SB 231 funds to augment the salaries of licensed professionals. The funding range, which is estimated to fall between $170 to $180 million based on the District’s staffing counts and the $250 million provided by SB 231, hinges on IFC’s endorsement.

However, the use of funds remains restricted by the law as dictated by appropriations. The specific allocation to school districts from the SB 231 funds is still pending determination by the state, leaving school districts uncertain about their individual portions.

CCSD and ESEA have mutually agreed to include a sunset clause in their accord, effective as of June 30, 2025. The District emphasizes that any utilization of the funds must mirror the sunset clause specified in SB 231. Nevertheless, there is no statutory assurance that the Nevada Legislature will extend the availability of SB 231 funds beyond June 30, 2025.

LCB aligns with CCSD’s stance that the eligibility for the funds should encompass both teachers and support staff employees, ensuring a broader scope when negotiating their allocation.

CCSD’s official statement outlines its commitment to fiscal prudence, stating, “Should future lawmakers decide to continue funding education-related staff in this manner in the next session, that will be their choice. Still, CCSD will not jeopardize its finances based on the expressed hopes of CCEA and the legislators who wish it were so.”

While some lawmakers urge the District to pursue negotiations aligned with their intentions, CCSD maintains its commitment to adhere to the parameters set by the existing law.

For more insights into the Clark County School District, visit its official website.

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