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Clark County Students Return to School: Preparing for Safety

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, August 3, 2023 7:04 pm


LAS VEGAS – Clark County, where over 300,000 students return to school on Monday, prioritizes safety. Local law enforcement agencies gathered at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department headquarters to highlight a safe school year.

Coordinated Communication

Throughout the school year, a centralized command post will allow all law enforcement agencies to communicate. This method was stressed by Metro Deputy Chief Reggie Rader.

“We will have a unified command post with all of our law enforcement agencies so we can ensure constant communication,” Deputy Chief Rader said, emphasizing safety.

Traffic Safety and More Police

Clark County schools need more police. To create a safe, positive learning environment.

Metro’s Deputy Chief Rader reminded the community about school zone motor traffic officers. Law enforcement advises drivers to be careful in certain places for traffic safety.

Parental Monitoring

Law enforcement stressed parental involvement in student safety. Clark County School District Police Department (CCSDPD) Chief Mike Blackeye advised parents to monitor their children’s activities.

Chief Blackeye advised parents to regularly check their children’s backpacks and talk to them.

Enhancing Safety

Chief Blackeye presented the department’s academic year aims to improve school safety. 22 LEED educators will teach decision-making skills in 70 middle schools.

Canine and random search programs will triple classroom sniffs. The Centegix system, implemented last year, gives school staff alert buttons to warn police of campus threats.

Metal Detector Pilot Continues

Chief Blackeye told the community that the metal detector pilot program will last the entire school year. This effort improves security and learning conditions.

School police confiscated 49 firearms, including 47 handguns, last year. Officers in elementary, middle, and high schools continue to protect students.

Chief Blackeye also advised parents to monitor their children’s social media and report questionable behavior. As the school year begins, student safety is a primary responsibility.

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