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Deke-Henri Furry: Carrying the Legacy of Bark-Andre in Spreading Joy and Comfort

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, June 10, 2023 12:06 pm

LAS VEGAS – Nurses and children at Summerlin Hospital experienced a heartwarming visit on Friday morning when therapy dog Deke-Henri Furry and his owner Rick Williams made their rounds in the children’s oncology unit. The enthusiastic jingle of Deke’s collar brought a sense of joy and comfort to everyone present.

Deke and Williams have become familiar faces at the hospital, regularly bringing smiles and emotional support to patients. However, this visit was bittersweet as it marked the first time Deke visited the hospital without his brother, Bark-Andre Furry, who recently passed away.

Bark, known as the unofficial mascot of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team, held a special place in the hearts of fans and the community. He brought immense joy to children in the hospital, lifting their spirits during challenging times. With Bark’s untimely departure, Deke has taken it upon himself to carry on his brother’s legacy.

Not only is Deke continuing the tradition of spreading happiness and comfort through his therapy dog role, but he is also stepping into Bark’s role as a source of inspiration and support for the community. Deke’s presence serves as a reminder of the positive impact that dogs can have on the lives of individuals, especially those facing health challenges.

The staff, patients, and their families were deeply touched by Deke’s visit, feeling a mix of nostalgia and gratitude for the ongoing support provided by Williams and his furry companion. The bond between Deke and the children was evident as they interacted with him, finding solace in his gentle nature and unconditional love.

The legacy of Bark-Andre Furry will forever live on, as Deke embraces the opportunity to bring comfort and joy to those in need. Through his presence and wagging tail, Deke continues to make a difference in the lives of patients and reminds us all of the healing power of animals.

The hospital staff and community express their heartfelt appreciation to Rick Williams and Deke for their continued dedication and for bringing a glimmer of hope to the children’s oncology unit. Their compassionate efforts serve as a testament to the profound impact that animals can have on our well-being.

As Deke carries forward his brother’s mission, his visits will undoubtedly continue to bring smiles, laughter, and a much-needed sense of comfort to those who need it most. The legacy of Bark-Andre Furry lives on through Deke, reminding us all to embrace the power of compassion and the incredible bond between humans and animals.

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