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Driver Asleep at Wheel During Trooper Fatality Incident Gets Probation and Weekend Jail Time

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 12, 2024 4:30 pm

A Las Vegas man involved in the tragic incident that resulted in the deaths of Nevada State Troopers Michael Abbate and Alberto Felix has reached a plea agreement.

Incident Details:

  • On November 30th, 2023, Troopers Abbate and Felix were investigating an initially reported case of a driver, later identified as Guillermo Pacheco (33), asleep at the wheel.
  • While attending to this situation, another driver, Jemarcus Williams (46), allegedly driving under the influence, collided with the troopers, causing their deaths.

Pacheco’s Case:

  • Following the incident, officers discovered Pacheco asleep in his vehicle with an open beer can.
  • He faced a misdemeanor DUI charge and recently pleaded no contest in Las Vegas Municipal Court.

Plea Agreement:

  • As part of the agreement:
    • Pacheco will serve 10 days in jail, with the possibility of serving them over weekends.
    • He will pay a $910 fine.
    • He is required to attend DUI school and complete an alcohol evaluation.
    • He must wear an alcohol monitor for 90 days and abstain from alcohol and drugs.
    • He faces potential jail time of six months if he violates the agreement within 18 months.

Focus on Williams’ Case:

  • The news article emphasizes that Williams, the alleged drunk driver, remains the central focus of the investigation.
  • He is facing multiple felony charges related to the troopers’ deaths.
  • His next court date is scheduled for April 2nd.

Important Note:

This article prioritizes the gravity of the troopers’ deaths caused by the alleged DUI driver. While acknowledging Pacheco’s involvement and his plea agreement, the focus remains on holding Williams accountable for the tragic incident.

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