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Elderly Asian Man Shares Fear After Neighbor’s Physical and Verbal Attack

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, June 8, 2023 5:51 pm

LAS VEGAS – In a disturbing incident that occurred on May 30th, an elderly Asian man finds himself living in fear following a violent attack by his neighbor. Amadeo Quindara, 75 years old, tearfully recounted the incident, shedding light on the traumatic experience. Quindara was sitting in his garage, taking a rest when his neighbor approached him, issuing threats before leaving.

Approximately thirty minutes later, the neighbor returned with the clear intention to harm Quindara. Home security footage captured the shocking moment when 44-year-old Christian Lentz approached Quindara in his own garage. Lentz was heard making threatening statements, including mentions of Quindara being on a ventilator and repeatedly telling him to “die,” before eventually walking away.

Quindara expressed his distress, sharing the impact the attack had on him. Recounting the punches and being slammed to the ground, he described his desperation to shout for help. Adding to the distressing nature of the incident, Lentz was also heard hurling racial slurs at Quindara, demanding he speak English and making derogatory comments about his Japanese heritage.

These racial slurs deeply wounded Quindara, as he is a proud American and the son of a U.S. Army veteran. His southwest Las Vegas home displays an American flag, symbolizing his love for his country. Quindara firmly believes that the attack was motivated by racism, emphasizing the lasting emotional pain caused by such discriminatory actions.

The rise in attacks targeting Asians since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 is a concerning trend both nationally and locally. While Quindara acknowledged the possibility of such incidents due to his appearance, he never expected it to happen within the supposed safety of his own home.

Christian Lentz was subsequently arrested for residential burglary, although Quindara deems this punishment insufficient for the severity of the damage inflicted. Lentz has since been released from jail and returned to his residence, leaving Quindara grappling with the emotional and physical aftermath of the traumatic incident.

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