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Electric Vehicle Cables Targeted by Thieves

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, June 19, 2024 11:18 am

Las Vegas and cities across the nation are experiencing a surge in a new kind of theft – electric vehicle (EV) charging cables. These targeted thefts leave EV drivers stranded and frustrated, unable to power up their vehicles.

One location hit particularly hard is the Electrify America charging station on Bonanza, near Pecos. Here, two plugs were recently discovered missing.

EV driver James Johnson, a four-year EV owner who made the switch due to gas prices, has witnessed this trend across the valley. “It’s 100% frustration,” he shared, “especially on top of the wait to charge.” He noted that vandalized cables can extend charging times significantly, from 45 minutes to potentially three hours.

The thieves target these cables because of the copper wiring they contain. According to Anthony Lambkin, Vice President of Operations for Electrify America, each replacement cable costs thousands of dollars, while the scrap value for the thieves is minimal. “It’s a very unfortunate situation,” he stated.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s crime map reveals 29 calls for destruction of property this year in the vicinity of Johnson’s preferred charging station.

Lambkin emphasized the critical role Electrify America plays: “We serve hundreds of thousands of drivers weekly. We consider ourselves mission-critical infrastructure.” The company is actively implementing measures to combat this theft, including working with local law enforcement and installing additional security cameras at vulnerable locations.

While efforts are underway to curb the theft, drivers like Johnson believe the solution also lies in increased charging infrastructure. “It’s going to be a mess if we don’t get more charging stations,” he expressed.

Source: KTNV

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