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Former Henderson Financial Adviser Accused of Deceiving Valley Doctor in Investment Scheme

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, October 16, 2023 12:42 pm

LAS VEGAS – Anthony Depasquale, a former financial consultant in Henderson, is now facing charges after allegedly duping a doctor in the valley into investing in his side business. Depasquale, then 44 years old, is accused of lying to Dr. Smita Maity and stealing $750,000 from her between July and December of 2017. This is according to an indictment.

The indictment reveals that Depasquale allegedly convinced Dr. Maity to invest in a franchised restaurant called “Big Whiskey’s,” which he claimed would be located in the Town Square shopping center. He further misrepresented that he already had five investors contributing $750,000 for the Town Square restaurant and an additional five investors putting in $1,000,000 for a second restaurant at the Downtown Summerlin shopping center. However, investigators assert that these statements were entirely false.

Authorities state that Depasquale assured Dr. Maity that the investment carried minimal risk, conveniently omitting the fact that he had previously been denied a small business loan for opening the restaurant. Officials argue that had Dr. Maity been aware of this crucial information, she would not have invested her hard-earned money.

Depasquale was previously associated with Elysien Private Wealth, a Henderson-based firm that provided investment advisement services. Nevada Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar expressed concern, stating, “This individual was a licensed investment adviser who allegedly defrauded a Nevada physician out of her life savings. The victim worked nonstop helping sick patients and will now have to work much longer to recoup the stolen funds.”

Depasquale now faces multiple charges, including securities fraud, theft, and forgery, as the legal system seeks justice for Dr. Maity and holds him accountable for his alleged actions.

The Secretary of State’s Office urges Nevadans to exercise caution when investing, even with licensed advisers, and provides the following steps to protect themselves:

1. Verify the current status of your investment adviser’s license online.
2. Beware of advisers seeking personal loans or funds for their own business ventures.
3. Conduct thorough research before investing in any private placement opportunity.
4. Be cautious if an adviser exerts pressure on you to make hasty investment decisions.
5. Perform due diligence by gathering all relevant information and seeking professional advice.

By remaining vigilant and taking these precautions, individuals can safeguard their financial well-being and avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

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