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How Egg Shortage Is Affecting Prices And Availability

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 14, 2023 8:35 am

LAS VEGAS – If you’ve gone shopping for eggs recently, you know they’re pricey and scarce!

We visited a local restaurant, food store, and farm to discover how the shortage affects them all.

The race is on to find not only eggs but eggs at a reasonable price. Many store shelves are empty; if you can find them, the price may be too much for you.

“Yes, quite pricey at Smith’s and Albertson’s, “Tammie Ficklin stated.

She claims she had to move from one grocery store to another and then another to obtain decent egg costs.

“I go to Sam’s Club, and the prices are acceptable for me. I believe it’s an 18-pack for $7 or $8 “Ficklin stated.

And, while this is still higher than a year ago, she believes it’s better than discovering no eggs at all.

Even though the Cluck It Farm in Las Vegas shelters over 200 chickens, demand has been more than supply. Furthermore, they lay less eggs in the winter.

“We’re receiving 60 to 70 eggs per day. That was sold out in less than 24 hours. “We’re already taking orders for next week and the week after,” said Samantha White, the farm’s owner.

White claims to supply eggs to town businesses: a butcher and a coffee shop. They usually sell out in two days.

The egg scarcity has affected everyone in our region and across the country, from grocery shops to farmers to restaurants.

The proprietor of The Bagel Cafe and Bakery, Savvas Andrews, claims his eatery began having egg problems two years ago and blames it on Nevada’s cage-free rules.

Andrews claims that prices have more than doubled since then, increasing by 50 to 60 percent as a result of the cage-free policy.

As a result, he is constantly on the lookout for the cheapest providers.

“With the bird flu, inflation, transportation costs, and labor prices, it’s tough to acquire eggs at a very decent price right now,” Andrews explained.

He claims that if egg prices continue to climb, he will also be forced to raise restaurant pricing.

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