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Las Vegas Police Officer Accused of Doing Sexual Pleasure During Chiropractic Massage

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, October 6, 2022 10:41 pm

Las Vegas Police Officer Accused of Doing Sexual Pleasure During Chiropractic Massage

LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas police officer, accused of masturbating during chiropractic massage.

Richard Landahl faces lewdness charges after the victim told police he masturbated during their massage.

On Sept. 20, at 11 a.m., the victim said she met with Landahl at the business, where he had requested her to be his therapist for that day’s appointment.

The victim told Landahl to undress privately. When she returned, he was facedown wearing his underwear, the complaint alleged.

The report says the victim informed authorities that Landahl masturbated during the treatment.

The victim halted the massage when she recognized what was happening, the report claimed. She stated she planned to return and alerted employees and the chiropractor.

While the chiropractor told the victim to leave, Landahl left the room with his clothing on, the report alleged.

When the chiropractor went to see Landahl, he said he was having marital troubles and didn’t want his wife to know. He apologized for making the victim uncomfortable but explained he was chilly.

Landahl “indicated anxiety” that the event would be reported to his job, the report added.
When asked to leave, he said he needed to go to his private room to grab some belongings, but then he had a panic attack and began pacing. When the doctor entered, he begged for privacy, the report says.

A few minutes later, Landahl left the room with a bottle of hand sanitizer. The doctor told cops the sanitizer shouldn’t have exploded on the massage table because it was “not that near.”

Landahl questioned the doctor about therapeutic choices to “cope with his own troubles”

The doctor found a “big wet stain and ‘gunk’ substance” on Landahl’s massage table sheet when she cleaned the room.

Landahl learned through an internal system that police were at the firm on Sept. 22. He informed the police he fell asleep during a chiropractor’s massage. When the massage therapist discovered what happened, he apologized and told her, the report claimed.

Landahl informed the officer he “realized his semen was on the sheets” and tried to clean it with hand sanitizer.

Landahl has worked for LVMPD for nearly 5 years in the Spring Valley Area Command. Landahl was a police officer at the incident.

Suspended with pay pending criminal and internal investigations.

Landahl’s DNA and massage table sheets were retained for forensics. Later, forensics will test them.

Landahl refused a police interview.

Landahl was not arrested or booked by police. Court was Oct. 27.

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