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Lawsuit Alleges Clark County School District and Teacher’s Union Shielded Educators Accused of Sexual Assault

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 5, 2024 10:55 am

Las Vegas, NV – A lawsuit has been filed against the Clark County School District (CCSD) and the teacher’s union, accusing them of protecting educators accused of sexual assault. The legal action, filed at Clark County District Court on Wednesday, reveals a disturbing pattern where CCSD employees facing allegations are simply transferred to different schools.

Dennis Prince of the Prince Law Group, representing the plaintiff, shed light on the troubling practice permitted by the collective bargaining agreement. According to Prince, accused teachers, if not convicted of a crime, can be transferred to a new school with no documentation or records of the alleged abuse.

The lawsuit revolves around a case involving Darryl Lancaster, a former teacher at Jo Mackey Magnet Elementary School, who was arrested in May of last year for sexual misconduct. The criminal complaint by North Las Vegas police alleges Lancaster groomed his victim.

Shocking details in the lawsuit state that Lancaster was moved to eight different schools over a 20-year span, raising concerns about the potential for other victims. Prince urged the district and schools to be diligent in removing abusers, but highlighted the difficulties posed by the union’s collective bargaining agreement.

In court filings, Prince referenced portions of the 2021/2023 teacher contract that stipulate allegations of misconduct do not have to be included in a teacher’s record. Even if an educator is convicted of a crime, they can reportedly have it removed from their personnel file after three years, as per the lawsuit.

Prince expressed concern about the continuation of this policy, emphasizing that new school administrations may be unaware of a teacher’s history. He pointed to a troubling pattern of teacher misconduct at CCSD, citing data from 2005-2015 that showed over 30 district employees were arrested on sexual misconduct allegations.

The lawsuit alleges that despite Lancaster’s arrest in January 2023 for misconduct at Jo Mackey, he pleaded no contest in a plea agreement on July 31, avoiding jail time. Prince contends that school administration was aware of Lancaster’s actions, yet he remained in the classroom, allowing the abuse to persist.

Court records reveal that Lancaster later pleaded guilty on Nov. 27 to attempted lewdness with a child and distribution of visual representation depicting sexual misconduct. Originally facing multiple charges, including lewdness with a child, producing child porn, and luring a minor, Lancaster’s case raises serious questions about accountability within the educational system.

Both CCSD and the teacher’s union, CCEA, have remained tight-lipped on the matter. CCSD declined to comment, citing pending litigation, and CCEA has yet to respond to requests for a statement. As the lawsuit unfolds, it brings to the forefront critical issues surrounding the safety of students and the responsibility of educational institutions to address allegations of misconduct among their staff.

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