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Man Arrested for Allegedly Concealing Roommate’s Body in Closet for Two Months

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, July 28, 2023 3:48 pm

LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said a man suspected of killing his roommate said he lived with her dead in a closet for two months before family found her.

Police and arrest reports allege that George Anthony Bone murdered Beverly Ma. On July 26, Ma’s family found her dead in a Railroad River Avenue home.

Ma’s sister called LVMPD to check on her sister while visiting with her mother and girlfriend. Bone, Ma’s boyfriend, lived there.

Bone informed the sister Ma was in the closet for two months. Her body was found in the master bedroom closet.

Ma had a lot of trauma and was not connected to family, but they tried to keep in touch and assist her. One family member saw Ma in April 2023. Ma texted her family on June 22 that she wanted to stay sober and not fly to Washington on July 4. Family said Ma used marijuana and drank a much. The arrest report says the family member texted Ma again July 2 and never heard back.

Due to the high A/C cost, a family member summoned a repairman on July 26. The family member kept talking to the A/C person, who reported no one answered the door. They gave the repairman the door code, went upstairs, and called Ma, but she didn’t respond. The report said family went to check on Ma and Bone told them she was dead.

While on hold with 911 for 10-15 minutes, a family member asked Bone why he didn’t contact police and stayed in the house with her body. An arrest report stated that, as “a man of color,” he sought to delay his arrest. According to the complaint, Bone was nonchalant and brushing his teeth while chatting to the family member.

Bone asked, “Why do you have to see?” when a family member checked on Ma upstairs. “If you want to see, I can show her to you,” the report added, leading her to the master bedroom.

Bone said police he knew Ma since high school and they started dating in 2019. Bone told police he had been convicted of sex with a child. An arrest report indicated Bone lived with Ma in July 2022 and fought constantly.

Bone said police he found Ma seated on the ground in the closet with a belt around her neck on May 5 or 15. An arrest report stated that Bone covered her with a blanket and went about his life, using her Amazon account to buy stuff.

Bone said he was frightened of going back to jail and put a cooler at the closet door to alert him if she “rose from the dead like the movie ‘The Grudge,’” according to an arrest report. Bone told police he responded to texts on Ma’s phone to make family think she was alive and kept the house at 60 degrees due to flies.

Ma contacted 911 at 4:40 a.m. on May 4. Dispatchers heard Ma and a man yelling at each other.

When the telephone went dead, the dispatcher called back because Ma never answered. The report indicated nobody answered. The house was unoccupied when police knocked. The report indicated Ma’s last outgoing call was a 911 call, and she had 84 unanswered calls before her death.

The report indicated police don’t think Ma’s body was a suicide. Bone denied knowing how to dispose of a body once police pointed out these contradictions.

According to an arrest record, Bone remarked, “since my truth is sounding so much like lies, I think I need to get an attorney,” ending the interview.

Court records show Bone was denied bail on July 27. His court date was August 1.

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