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Most Thanksgiving Travelers Will Drive, Drivers Should Be Prepared for Traffic

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, November 24, 2022 3:46 am

Most Thanksgiving Travelers Will Drive, Drivers Should Be Prepared for Traffic

LAS VEGAS – Most Thanksgiving travelers will be taking to the roads rather than the skies this year.

Those who intend to get behind the wheel should be ready for delays.

According to AAA’s data, this Thanksgiving will be the third busiest since the organization began keeping track in the early 2000s. According to AAA spokesperson John Treanor, the majority of vacationers are still taking their cars on their trips.

“With gas prices and other costs rising, we worried about the impact on vacationers. The strength of the holiday, I believe, explains why people’s desire to travel seems to have remained unabated “A quote from Treanor. “Not often have we been able to achieve this. Some people have been unable to return home or see family because of pandemic restrictions. That’s not something they have to do any longer.”

Anis Chafai, a resident of Orange County, California, is just one of the numerous out-of-state visitors who flock to Las Vegas every year.

Sunday night, he went to Las Vegas to avoid the city’s notorious traffic. He told 8 News Now that he and his family are out sight-seeing before returning to California tomorrow.

“As I am traveling with two young children, we have decided to leave tomorrow morning before the rush hour. In addition to my wife and brother, we made the trip here “Says Chafai. “Because this is our first time here, the experience is both exciting and entertaining. Las Vegas is the greatest city we’ve ever visited.”

The Lopez siblings, Andres and Laura, flew in from Los Angeles late last night.
Traffic will be heavy, he warned drivers.

“We rented a car in Los Angeles and drove to Las Vegas; the trip took us around 6.5 hours. The gridlocked traffic, “The remark came from Andres. “The freeway was closed for maintenance in one spot. All but one lane had been closed, leaving that one lane to carry the bulk of the day’s traffic.”

According to AAA, 8 News The day before Thanksgiving is typically the busiest travel day.
It’s likely to be a hectic day on Sunday as well.

Expect delays at Primm on Sunday afternoon if you’re driving back to Southern California.

It is recommended that drivers leave early in the day to avoid traffic and other issues on the road.

Credits: 8 News Now

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