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Nevada Board of Education Seeks Input on Potential School Start Time Change

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 28, 2024 6:30 pm

The Nevada Board of Education has taken a step forward in the ongoing debate about school start times, unanimously approving a survey to gather input from school districts across the state. This latest development follows multiple board meetings where the issue of adjusting school bell schedules has been discussed.

Currently, most Nevada schools begin classes at 7:00 am. Proponents of a change cite numerous studies that suggest later start times can lead to improved mental health and academic performance for students who receive an additional hour of sleep.

However, the proposal has also faced opposition. Mary Pierczynski, representing the Nevada Association of Superintendents, voiced concerns about the board’s authority. “School start times are a local control issue,” she stated. “Our districts are diverse, and each should be able to make this decision for itself.”

The Clark County School District, the state’s largest, has also expressed concerns about logistical difficulties and potential legal action if changes are implemented. They argue that adjusting start times would significantly impact bus schedules and require significant adjustments.

The Board plans to review the survey responses after data collection is complete. This review will determine if there is sufficient support for proposing a bill and sending it to the Nevada legislature for consideration. The final decision on any potential change to school start times would ultimately lie with state lawmakers.

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