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NTSB Releases Preliminary Report On Fatal Vehicle Accident In North Las Vegas

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 27, 2023 3:40 am

LAS VEGAS – Nine people died in a six-car crash in North Las Vegas on January 29, 2022. The National Transportation Safety Board has released its preliminary report on the crash (NTSB).

Five adults and four children died in the crash, and authorities say that seven people from the same family were in one of the cars. All seven people in the family died in the crash.

Authorities say that Gary Robinson, 59, of North Las Vegas, was driving the Dodge Challenger that crashed when he ran a red light while going 103 mph. His body had alcohol, cocaine, and PCP in it, an autopsy later showed.

Robinson and Tanaga Miller, who was riding with him, were also killed in the crash.

Gabapentin used to treat seizures, and dextromethorphan, used to stop coughing, were also found in small amounts.

The NTSB report explains what happened when the crash happened at Commerce Street and Cheyenne Avenue.

Robinson was going north on Commerce Street when he hit a Toyota Sienna minivan that was going south. The report says that four more cars on Cheyenne Avenue got into accidents after the first one.

The NTSB said that when the minivan was hit, three people in the back seats were completely thrown out of the car.

According to the report, Robinson’s driving record shows that he has been caught speeding and driving under the influence in the past, all the way back to 1984.

Robinson was arrested twice in Indiana in 1984 for driving while drunk. The report says that he was found guilty five times in Nevada of driving while his license was suspended.

He was found guilty of speeding, not using his signal, not following the rules of the road, and driving without liability insurance.

Because he didn’t pay his bills, his license was taken away from 2017 to 2020. At the time of the accident, he had only one moving violation on his record, which was a speeding ticket from 2017.

The report says, “NTSB investigators found evidence that the driver had more traffic tickets that were not yet on his record.”

The NTSB is still looking into the crash. No one knows when they will turn in their final report.

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