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Police Arrest A McDonalds Employee After Allegedly Shooting Into A Crowd Of People At Fremont Street Experience

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 11, 2023 8:59 pm

LAS VEGAS – A McDonald’s employee was detained during his shift at a restaurant at the Fremont Street Experience for allegedly shooting into a crowd of people, injuring two.

Na’quentin Norsworthy, 16, is suspected of shooting two persons at the Fremont Street Experience on December 29, according to court filings. According to authorities, the incident occurred at the junction of 3rd and Fremont Streets.

According to court documents, Norsworthy was arrested on accusations of battery with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon, among others.

According to police, detectives discovered security video showing a guy firing several shots toward a crowd of people at the crossroads. According to the records, the man dropped a McDonald’s hat throughout the procedure.

Officers learned Norsworthy had just finished his shift at the McDonald’s prior to the incident.

At the hospital, one of the gunshot victims told police she had requested a cashier for a receipt.

“[The victim’s] request was ignored, and when she asked to speak with a management, the male employee flipped her off,” police stated in court documents. According to authorities, several additional family members then got into a verbal dispute with the employee before the shooting.

Another victim of the shooting stated that they were listening to music on Fremont Street when they were shot. According to witnesses, the man and his family then went into a store to seek refuge.

According to the records, several other witnesses said police they heard gunshots and then saw a young guy flee.

Officers discovered Norsworthy the next day at an apartment near Main Street and Washington Avenue in downtown Las Vegas. Police said Norsworthy told them they would not locate the pistol used in the shooting in the apartment because he had thrown it in a parking lot afterward. According to police, they searched for the gun but were unable to locate it.

Norsworthy informed police that after his shift, a group of customers chased him down.

“Na’Quinton explained that he grabbed a black 9mm Glock handgun from his backpack and fired about eight shots behind him as he fled, aiming to intimidate the gang that followed him,” police said.

Norsworthy’s bail was set at $20,000 by Judge Daniel Westmeyer. Despite being accused as an adult, Norsworthy was being kept in a juvenile jail camp. On Wednesday, it was unclear whether he had been freed from detention.

“We are surprised and outraged by one of our former crew members’ behavior,” a McDonald’s representative said in a statement on Wednesday. “This kind of behavior goes against the ideals we have as a company and is not acceptable. We acted quickly and can confirm that this employee is no longer employed at our restaurant. We care strongly about our employees, customers, and communities, and our hearts go out to all affected by this senseless act of violence.”

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