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Sarah Thomas Achieves World Record with 50-Mile Swim from Colorado River to Hoover Dam

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, October 9, 2023 11:04 am

LAS VEGAS – Ultramarathon swimmer Sarah Thomas has added another remarkable achievement to her list. On Saturday, she completed an astounding 50-mile swim from the Colorado River to the Hoover Dam, a feat never before attempted by any other swimmer. Swim Across America officials have confirmed this incredible swim as a world record.

Thomas completed the challenging swim in an impressive 26 hours, 45 minutes, and 45 seconds, showcasing her unparalleled endurance and determination.

Thomas shared her motivation for this remarkable swim: “After my first visit to the Hoover Dam in Feb. 2021, I knew I had to swim across Lake Mead. Water levels in the lake are in danger of dropping so low that a swim may not always be possible across this beautiful and important body of water. The water was a balmy 78 on the surface and around 75 degrees in the swimming depth. I’m a cold water swimmer, so this was a bit warmer than I’m used to, but it ended up being lovely.”

This Denver native, a breast cancer survivor, undertook the swim to raise funds for cancer research through Swim Across America. Achieving this incredible goal during Breast Cancer Awareness Month adds even more significance to her remarkable achievement.

Thomas shared her personal connection to the cause, saying, “Cancer treatments tested me in a way I never thought possible. Despite undergoing chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy, I never gave up on my dream of doing a swim that most people thought was impossible.”

Sarah Thomas has a history of remarkable swims, including becoming the first person to complete a four-way crossing of the English Channel in 54 hours and 10 minutes in 2019, achieving the first-ever two-way crossing of the North Channel in 21 hours and 46 minutes in 2022, and completing a two-way swim of Lake Tahoe (lengthwise) in 2013, covering the 42-mile distance in just 22 hours and 30 minutes.

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