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Spring Starts This Week — But Not the One You’re Thinking Of

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 1, 2024 1:02 pm

While the official first day of spring (often marked on calendars) doesn’t arrive until March 19th, meteorologists have a different system. Meteorological spring begins March 1st and includes March, April, and May. This grouping is used for weather recordkeeping, making it easier to compare data across seasons.

Powerful Wind Storm Expected: Warnings in Effect for Southern Nevada

Get ready for strong winds and possible blizzard conditions as a major storm system hits Southern Nevada this weekend. A Wind Advisory in effect from 4 PM Friday through 7 AM Saturday will be upgraded to a High Wind Warning from 7 AM Saturday through 10 AM Sunday.

Expect sustained winds up to 50 mph with gusts exceeding 65 mph. These conditions could cause:

  • Downed trees and power outages
  • Travel delays due to crosswinds and blowing dust
  • Blizzard conditions above 5,000 ft in Lincoln County

Windy Weekend, Mountain Snow, and Beyond

The strongest winds are expected Saturday morning through the afternoon, with gusts up to 70 mph in the west valley. Heavy snowfall is forecast in the Sierra, with blizzard conditions expected.

Winds will ease Sunday but remain breezy. Calmer conditions are expected early next week, but another storm will bring mainly mountain snow showers midweek.

Beyond the 7-Day Forecast

Another storm system is possible next weekend, but the worst of the weather looks to stay north of the Las Vegas area.

Important Note: The astronomical start of spring, based on Earth’s position relative to the sun, remains March 19th.

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