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Teenager Sentenced to Prison for Brutal Attack on Eldorado High School Teacher

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, June 29, 2023 11:45 am

LAS VEGAS – In a courtroom hearing, 17-year-old Jonathan Martinez-Garcia took responsibility for his actions and expressed remorse for the violent assault he committed against his teacher at Eldorado High School last year.

Martinez-Garcia admitted to nearly killing his teacher and acknowledged that he blames himself for the incident. During the sentencing, he spoke about his efforts to change his life while in custody, including attending religious services and graduating from high school.

The attack occurred in April, when Martinez-Garcia went to the teacher’s classroom under the pretense of discussing his grades. Instead, he brutally strangled her from behind, subjected her to physical beatings, and even attempted to slash her wrists. Court exhibits displayed the extent of the teacher’s injuries.

The teacher, identified only as Sade, addressed the judge and described the lasting impact of the assault on her life. She recounted the horrifying moments of the attack, including being trapped under heavy shelves, fearing for her life. Sade expressed a profound sense of numbness and indifference, emphasizing that her life has been forever altered.

Sade’s mother, Janet, also spoke during the hearing, expressing the devastating effects the attack had on her daughter’s well-being and happiness.

Prosecutors argued that Martinez-Garcia posed a high risk of re-offending, while his defense team painted a contrasting picture, highlighting his previous character as a loving son and brother. Defense attorney Tyler Gaston raised concerns about the potential role of Singulair, an asthma medication prescribed to Martinez-Garcia, which has been associated with adverse neuropsychiatric events in juveniles.

After considering all aspects of the case, Judge Kathleen Delaney handed down a sentence of 16-40 years in prison for Martinez-Garcia. He was convicted of attempted murder, attempted sexual assault, and battery with substantial bodily harm.

The sentencing marked a tragic turning point in Sade’s life, as she expressed her decision never to return to teaching, despite having always aspired to be an educator, coming from a family of teachers.

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