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Valley Health System Suffers Data Breach After Vendor Attack

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 22, 2023 2:29 pm

Las Vegas, NV – Valley Health System (VHS) has confirmed a data breach affecting some of its patients after a ransomware attack on one of its software vendors, ESO.

ESO notified VHS of the incident in late October, revealing the attack had occurred in late September. Although no evidence of misuse of patient information has been identified, VHS is taking proactive measures to address the situation.

Impacted Facilities:

  • Centennial Hills Hospital
  • Desert Springs Hospital
  • Spring Valley Hospital
  • Summerlin Hospital
  • Valley Hospital

Potentially Accessed Data:

The amount of accessed data varies per individual, but may include:

  • Personal details: Names, phone numbers, addresses
  • Sensitive information: Personal or health information

VHS Response:

  • Launched an investigation upon learning of the incident
  • Tasked ESO with contacting affected individuals and relevant authorities
  • Secured assurances from ESO regarding data deletion and prevention of misuse
  • Began notifications to impacted individuals on December 12th

It is recommended to regularly monitor all accounts and credit statements to detect any unauthorized activity. For more information, individuals can visit ESO’s website or call 866-347-8525 (Monday-Friday, 6am-3:30pm PST).

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