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20-Year Prison Sentence for Man Convicted of Stabbing Elderly Woman

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, November 16, 2023 8:22 pm

NEVADA – In a harrowing incident that unfolded in January 2023, 59-year-old Anthony Haller has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the stabbing of a 69-year-old woman near Kings Row. This sentencing comes eight years after Haller’s prior conviction for domestic battery.

The Reno Police Department (RPD) responded to a distressing call, finding the elderly victim with multiple stab wounds. The victim, who was in a dating relationship with Haller, reported that he became agitated for an unknown reason before launching a violent attack. Following the stabbing, Haller proceeded to choke the victim and drag her outside into a parking lot.

The quick thinking and courage of the elderly woman allowed her to escape, seeking refuge with a good Samaritan who promptly called 911.

RPD officers, aided by snowy conditions, were able to trace Haller’s footsteps to the back of the residence, where he was found on the back balcony. Subsequently, a forced entry was conducted by the police, leading to Haller’s detainment.

Credits: Fox Reno

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