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Jamie L. Cochran

Elko Prison Holds a Man in a Crime Spree on $120,000 Bail

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, September 29, 2022 10:36 am

ELKO, Nev. (NV, Globe) – Elko County Jail is presently holding a guy suspected of fleeing law police many times during a crime spree that started in Utah and finished in Oregon.

Jamie L. Cochran, 42, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was ordered held on $120,000 bail. He is charged with home invasion with a deadly weapon, burglary while in possession of a gun, grand larceny of a gun, assault with a dangerous weapon, and two counts of grand theft of a motor vehicle in his home state.

Cochran is accused of breaking into a daycare in Salt Lake City on September 11, committing various crimes in Elko County beginning on September 13, and escaping to Oregon, where he was apprehended by state and federal authorities on September 15.

More information regarding the crimes may be found in an Elko County Sheriff’s detective report filed along his criminal complaint. After a guy was alleged to have stolen a gas can from the Wells Golf Course, local police officials took involved. Nevada State Police pursued his car west on Interstate 80, but the pursuit was called off.

The suspect left the freeway at Deeth, where he drove through a gate and almost struck a guy. He then broke into another man’s cabin and shot open a safe with a Colt.45 revolver from the cabin, grabbing at least four more guns in addition to the Colt.

He then went to Elburz, where he smashed through a door and demanded at gunpoint that the occupant hand over the keys to a pickup truck parked outside.

Despite a multi-agency manhunt that lasted all night, the suspect stole a Polaris ATV and eluded investigators at some point.

On September 14, he was apprehended in Ryndon after stealing a Dodge Dakota pickup truck with an attached trailer holding a lawn mower. Another chase with a state trooper began. The guy fled west, and the chase was stopped of in Humboldt County for safety concerns.

That night, the truck was sighted near Denio Junction, when the driver tried to purchase gasoline. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the rural location near the Oregon state line.

Deputies from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Troopers also responded and found the car just east of Adel, Oregon. The suspect quickly began fleeing cops, driving off the road and into private agricultural fields. A short time later, deputies and troopers lost track of the car.

Additional troopers were dispatched to the scene. More than 50 cops from several jurisdictions participated in the ground search, but they were unable to find the culprit.

On September 15, just after noon, Cochran was apprehended by an Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife sergeant, a U.S. A law enforcement officer for the Forest Service and a ranger for the Bureau of Land Management.

When he was apprehended, he was equipped with a stolen firearm, according to Oregon State Police.

The suspect was later identified as Cochran, and Oregon authorities thought he was a vagrant. He was extradited to Elko County and labeled on the detention sheet as a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Credits: Elko Daily

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