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A Wild Horse’s Dramatic Rescue: Saved from Frigid Waters in Reno

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, November 13, 2023 5:40 pm

NEVADA – Early on Monday morning, a wild horse fell into a swimming pool in a rural area of Reno and was in danger. Thankfully, the dedicated team at Least Resistance Training Concepts (LRTC), Northern Nevada’s prominent large animal rescue organization, carried out a heroic rescue and saved the horse from harm.

Around 7:45 a.m. on November 13th, the Virginia Range Manager of the Wild Horse Connection contacted LRTC in an urgent matter. A couple had called in distress after finding a wild horse trapped in their swimming pool. The horse had wandered onto a closed pool cover and accidentally slipped into the cold water.

Upon arrival, LRTC responders found the horse treading water in the pool’s deep end, facing a water temperature of approximately 40 degrees. The duration of the horse’s immersion in the pool remained uncertain.

Quick-thinking responders strategically placed a strap behind the horse’s rear and gently guided it to the shallow end of the pool, effectively saving its life. Once there, the horse regained its strength and, remarkably, managed to exit the pool under its own power.

Following the rescue, the horse was moved to a sunny location, provided with nourishing hay, and closely monitored for signs of hypothermia and stress. With the approval of the on-scene veterinarian, the horse was released back onto the Virgina Range at approximately 10 a.m.

Credits: Fox Reno

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