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After Nearly 34 Years, Spark’s Subsational Sandwich Shop in Grass Valley Is Closing

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 7, 2022 5:07 pm

After Nearly 34 Years, Spark’s Subsational Sandwich Shop in Grass Valley Is Closing

NEVADA – Spark’s Subsational Sandwich Shop in Grass Valley is closing after nearly 34 years in business.

Spark’s Subsational, formerly owned by Ken Marchinek, has been feeding hungry masses since 1988. Terry Alvarado and Dennae Cromer bought the restaurant in 2017 and kept the original menu almost intact.

Alvarado and Cromer were strong admirers of the company when they bought it, and Alvarado told The Union in 2017 that “it just kind of fell into our laps.” ‘Wow, this is meant to be,’ I thought. It was just this tiny nook. “Good sandwiches from the start.”

“This is our favorite place,” Cromer stated at the time. I was walking across the street one day when I thought, ‘I wish that place was for sale.’ I noticed it the next day in the real estate section.”

Five years later, Alvarado and Cromer have taken the difficult decision to close the sandwich store due to ongoing building needs. It was a difficult decision, but they are grateful for their many devoted consumers throughout the years.

According to Alvarado, 12 restaurants have closed in the last year due to a variety of causes. She paid special tribute to employee Justice Palley, who started working at the company at the age of 17. He’s now 28 years old and still selling sandwiches. Her list of thanks and kudos is extensive.

“I want to thank the ladies in the Safeway bakery for keeping us going,” Alvarado remarked. “They create a specific bread, and I said, ‘see, this is what I need,’ and I requested them to make it for me.” They succeeded. “Three years.”

Alvarado and Cromer will ideally take a short holiday before returning to work.

“We’ve been working hard for a while and deserve a break,” Alvarado explained.

The devoted client base who has frequented Spark’s Subsational over the years, according to Alvarado, is what she will miss the most about operating the business.

“Thank you everybody for your kindness and for coming in,” she remarked. “I made a lot of new pals.” This is a good neighborhood.”

Spark’s Subsational will serve its complete menu today, with the exception of Polish sausage, and may reopen on Thursday, depending on supply. Spark’s is located at 150 South Auburn Street Suite A in Grass Valley, and the phone number is 530-273-4782.

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