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ChatGPT: The AI Tool Being Embraced in Some Schools Despite Plagiarism Concerns

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, May 8, 2023 7:52 pm

NEVADA – Bishop Manogue Catholic High School in Nevada is embracing a new software program called ChatGPT, which uses artificial intelligence to write dialogue with users. Despite some students using it without their teachers’ permission to write school papers, not all educators are banning ChatGPT. Principal Bri Thoreson encourages teachers to explore its capabilities and decide if it’s a valuable tool for their students.

Since then, teachers have been using ChatGPT to enhance their curriculum. Manogue English and journalism teacher Craig Charboneau allowed his students to use ChatGPT on a mock trial on the assassination of Julius Caesar, while Manogue history teacher CJ DeRyter has students use ChatGPT for study guides. However, there are concerns about the accuracy of information the program provides, with some educators cautioning students to use it responsibly.

Author and software expert Thomas Fellows believes schools need to work with and use ChatGPT to prepare students for the workforce, but others are more cautious. Coral Academy of Science High School staff are concerned that overreliance on the program would take away learning opportunities. Meanwhile, Nevada Connections Academy’s Superintendent Chris McBride argues that students need to be taught about ChatGPT as some job listings are already asking for experience using the tool.

Although there are artificial intelligence detector tools available to help teachers spot work created by ChatGPT, educators say the best way to identify students misusing the tool is to know their work and be able to spot when the artificial intelligence writing stands out.

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