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Confusing DMV Notice for License Renewal Raises Concerns Among Elderly Drivers

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 21, 2023 8:56 pm

NEVADA – A recent notice from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has caused confusion and concern among some elderly drivers. The correspondence, which was sent out two weeks ago, stated that any driver who would be 71 years old or older at the time of their license renewal would need to undergo a physical examination before their license could be renewed. This requirement is a result of a law passed in 1995.

The notice included a three-page form, which not only required a physical examination by a physician but also an eye exam by an optometrist. While the DMV insists that the letter is not meant to be confusing, it has left many elderly drivers uncertain about what they need to do in order to renew their licenses.

According to Ian Rohl, a spokesperson for the DMV, drivers who are 71 years old or older can still renew their license by mail, but they need to provide the results of a physical examination and an eye exam. However, if they choose to renew their license in person, they do not need to provide these documents, as the DMV can administer the necessary tests on-site.

Rohl advises elderly drivers who wish to renew their license in person to book an appointment as soon as possible, as slots fill up quickly. He also reminds drivers that license renewal is required every four years for those who are 71 years old or older, instead of the usual eight-year renewal period.

While the DMV’s intention may have been to ensure the safety of elderly drivers on the road, the confusing nature of the notice has caused frustration and concern for many. It is hoped that the DMV will take steps to clarify the renewal process for elderly drivers in the future.

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