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Desert Springs Hospital To Lay Off Over 800, End Inpatient Admission

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 12, 2023 12:27 am

NEVADA – In March, Desert Springs Hospital will have 970 fewer staff. The significant cut comes after the medical institution announced on Wednesday that it will be laying off hundreds of employees.

“I know a lot of us are upset because we kept asking whether the hospital was going to close and they kept telling us not to believe any of the rumors and yesterday they sent out this email,” an anonymous employee stated.

The anonymous person is currently employed at Desert Springs and heard the devastating news.

“I was at work when I got an email, everyone was checking their phones, and everyone started sobbing; it was a very strange day.”

Desert Springs Hospital alerted employees of operational adjustments. Something one woman claims has been hinted at in recent times.

“There were various reports, and then people said that inspectors were coming, which was an indication last week that there was a significant shortage of pharmaceuticals, and people were kind of like, ok, is this true?”

It turns out that the rumors were correct.

According to the hospital, due to redevelopment plans and exorbitant expenditures, it would not only lay off personnel but also halt all inpatient procedures.

Existing patients, they claim, will be cared for until they are dismissed.

Employees, on the other hand, find it difficult to predict what will happen next.

“A lot of people say we can transfer to other hospitals, but how are you going to squeeze all of this personnel at other hospitals in when the only individuals who get to stay are in the ER?” she added.

This woman and her peers say they will apply to other hospitals in the area, but they are apprehensive about finding a job in time.

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