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Donations of Cryptocurrency Are Now Being Accepted at Music in the Mountains

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, November 22, 2022 8:43 pm

NEVADA – A press release states that cryptocurrency donations are now being accepted at Music in the Mountains.

According to the announcement, they are joining the ranks of other national organizations in providing this choice, including the United Way, the March of Dimes, and the American Cancer Society. According to the announcement, this is timely in light of Giving Tuesday, an annual day dedicated to charitable giving on November 29.

MIM’s Donor Services Manager, Hilary Hodge was quoted as saying, “We are keeping up with the times.” We understand that there are alternative ways that people might like to make donations. In addition, any amount donated will be used to bring music to the neighborhood. Cryptocurrency donations are just another payment option.

According to the press announcement, out of the thousands of cryptocurrencies available, Music in the Mountains currently accepts around 70. According to the announcement, despite the recent market turbulence, more than 300 million people around the world still have trillions of dollars invested in digital currencies.

Hodge explained the process in a press release: “Simply put, the process works like this: crypto contributors make their gifts securely online, the crypto is converted into US dollars instantaneously, and the US funds are then given to us.”

According to the announcement, more and more institutions are having financial difficulties and, as a result, are eliminating arts and music education programs.

Education Grants Manager Shannon Devir was quoted in an announcement as saying, “I have seen firsthand in classrooms how music improves a child’s life.” “I have seen children find something that makes them happy on a difficult day or that causes them to come out of their shells. The things we accomplish in the classrooms are fantastic. To give a youngster the gift of music education has never been simpler, and this is just one more method to do it.

According to the press release, on Giving Tuesday, Music in the Mountains will be offering a matching challenge grant that will double any gifts up to $25,000. Donations can still be made via credit card or bank account, and now cryptocurrency can be used as well.

Nevada County is home to Music in the Mountains, a nonprofit that has been putting on concerts and educational events for over 40 years since its inception in 1982.

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