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Gas Prices In Reno The Last Week

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 6, 2022 2:09 pm

Gas Prices In Reno The Last Week

This week, average gas prices in the United States continue to fall.

Because demand for gasoline remains low as American consumers opt to take advantage of doorbuster discounts online and supply grows, the price of gasoline at the pump plummeted another $0.10.

According to AAA, a gallon of gas cost $3.40 on average nationally on Monday, December 5. The price per gallon has nearly reverted to where it was almost a year ago. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February, a conflict begun by one of the world’s top oil producers drove retail gas prices to all-time highs.

OPEC, an oil-producing countries’ cartel, resolved last week to continue lowering oil output from Middle Eastern suppliers. Reduced availability may cause gasoline prices to rise in the coming weeks and months.

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Stacker used AAA data to produce statistics on petrol costs in the Reno, NV metro area. Prices for gasoline are current as of December 5. World Population Review provides data on state gas taxes.

The figures on Reno
– Current gas price: $4.89 — Nevada average: $4.47 — Nevada gas tax: $0.24 per gallon (36th highest in the country)
– Change for the week: -$0.14 (-2.8%)
– Year on year change: +$0.72 (+17.4%)
– Previous high gas price: $6.05 (6/14/22)

– The current price of diesel is $5.27.
– Change for the week: -$0.08 (-1.5%)
– Year on year change: +$1.24 (+30.7%)
– Diesel price in the past: $6.19 (6/19/22)

#1: Lihue (Kauai), Hawaii: $5.53; #2: Wailuku, Hawaii: $5.26; and #3: Kahului, Hawaii: $5.26.

#1: Sherman-Denison, TX: $2.56; #2: Casper, WY: $2.58; and #3: McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX: $2.60.

Pennsylvania has the highest gas tax per gallon at $0.59, followed by California at $0.53, and Washington at $0.52.

Alaska has the lowest gas tax per gallon of $0.0895, followed by Hawaii at $0.16, and Virginia at $0.162.

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