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Governor Joe Lombardo Urges President Biden to Release Federal Lands for Affordable Housing

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 19, 2024 10:38 am

In a recent development, Governor Joe Lombardo has taken a bold step, issuing a letter directly to President Joe Biden. The letter urges the release of federal lands in Nevada for the development of affordable housing projects.

Lombardo highlighted the significant challenges faced by Nevada due to the federal government’s restrictions on statewide growth. He emphasized factors such as inflation, increased interest rates, and a dwindling housing inventory, which have collectively hindered the state’s progress in addressing housing needs.

The governor stressed that with approximately 85% of Nevada’s land federally owned and managed, collaborative efforts with federal partners, including the current administration, are crucial. Lombardo called for the reduction of bureaucratic red tape that impedes Nevada communities from achieving their housing and economic development objectives.

Furthermore, Lombardo criticized recent federal actions, including the creation of a 500,000-acre national monument in Southern Nevada. He pointed out that a similar level of commitment from the administration towards addressing the housing crisis would provide Nevada communities with the necessary space to expand and meet housing demands.

Concluding the letter, Governor Lombardo emphasized the urgent need for federal support in tackling the housing crisis. He called on President Biden to join forces in eliminating barriers and bureaucracy, enabling Nevada families to access affordable housing options.

Governor Lombardo’s letter precedes President Biden’s scheduled visit to both Reno and Las Vegas on Tuesday, adding significance to the ongoing discussions surrounding affordable housing in the state.

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