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ennels were built outside the Nye County Animal Shelter for nearly 300 dogs as part of an animal cruelty investigation.

Hundreds of Dogs Rescued From Alleged Cruelty Will Receive Care From the ASPCA

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, September 2, 2022 10:41 am

The ASPCA is attempting to assist with the care of nearly 300 dogs that were allegedly subjected to animal cruelty in Pahrump.

The Nye County Sheriff has asked them to do this.

According to Teresa Ladner, senior director of investigations for the ASPCA, “When the ASPCA received an urgent request to support the Nye County Sheriff and staff with this case, it was clear immediate intervention was necessary to ensure these animals, who appeared to be neglected and suffering from serious medical issues, could be moved to safety so they can receive much-needed care.”

“The ASPCA’s priority is to prevent and respond to animal cruelty nationwide, and we’re grateful to be in a position where we could mobilize quickly to assist these animals. We thank the Nye County Sheriff’s Office for intervening and recognizing the need for assistance so we can work together to bring an end to this horrific situation.”

The group also provides daily care, forensics examinations, legal assistance, forensics evidence collection, medical and behavioral support for the large breed dogs, the majority of which are Caucasian Shepherds.

Additional food and kennels will be among the supplies they offer to support the emergency sheltering operation.

Based on information gathered by the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, charges of animal cruelty have already been filed. The ASPCA will assist with the investigation’s legal and investigative aspects as well.

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