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Nevada Governor Signs Bill Regulating Street Food Vendors, Providing Clarity and Opportunities

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, June 8, 2023 1:05 pm

NEVADA – In a significant development, Governor Lombardo has signed a bill into law that aims to regulate street food vendors in Nevada, putting an end to the gray area that has long plagued the industry. The bill, known as Senate Bill 92, offers hope and protection to street vendors, many of whom come from Latino and immigrant backgrounds.

Advocates for street vendors, such as the nonprofit organization Make the Road Nevada, have been vocal about the need for regulation to prevent the criminalization of vendors who are simply trying to make a living. Testimonies shared heart-wrenching stories of vendors facing mistreatment and confiscation of their goods, highlighting the urgency for change.

The Southern Nevada Health District has previously cautioned against purchasing food from unpermitted street vendors due to concerns about food safety. With the new law in place, local boards of health are mandated to establish a regulatory process for vendors to apply for permits and licenses, ensuring their recognition as legitimate businesses. This will enable vendors to operate legally and provide consumers with the reassurance that the food they purchase is safe to eat.

State Senator Fabian Donate, who introduced Senate Bill 92, emphasized the positive impact it will have on families and the opportunities it will create. By the end of July, local health districts will be responsible for defining the specific process for obtaining a street vendor license, ensuring consistency and clarity across the state.

As the implementation of the permitting process unfolds, the enforcement of the new regulations will be determined by local health districts. The goal is to establish a fair and transparent system that allows street food vendors to thrive while maintaining public health standards.

This new law signifies a significant step forward in supporting and legitimizing the street food industry in Nevada, bringing economic opportunities to vendors and fostering a safer dining experience for residents and visitors alike.

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