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New Nevada Law Requires Gun Dealers to Provide Gun Locks with Firearms

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, July 1, 2023 12:51 pm

NEVADA – As of July 1, a new law in Nevada mandates that gun dealers must include a gun lock when selling or transferring a firearm. Governor Lombardo signed SB 294 into law, aiming to promote firearm safety and responsible gun ownership. However, the specific details on whether gun dealers will bear the cost of these locking devices remain unclear.

Kris Chanski, the general manager of The Range 702, a gun shop, believes that the new law won’t bring significant changes in their operations. He stated that they will simply have a sign notifying customers that they will be provided with a lock upon purchase.

While the intention of the law is to enhance gun safety, some gun owners, like John Spank, remain skeptical about its impact. Spank expressed his doubt, saying, “It’s just going to cause people to have one more piece of equipment to put on their weapon. It’s not going to solve the crime problem.”

This gun lock requirement is just one among the 200 new laws taking effect in Nevada this Saturday. As the law comes into play, its effectiveness in promoting firearm safety and preventing accidents remains to be seen.

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