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Numerous Car Break-Ins Have Been Reported in the Tahoe and Truckee Areas

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, November 15, 2022 11:19 am

TAHOE, Nev. (775 Times, NV Globe) – The Placer County Sheriff’s Office North Lake Tahoe Station is looking into a series of car burglaries that occurred over the weekend in the Tahoe/Truckee area.

The sheriff’s office has received complaints from eight victims whose vehicles had been parked at various trailheads and businesses as of Tuesday morning.

The sheriff’s office wants to encourage automobile owners to protect themselves and their property when the weather changes and we begin our outdoor winter activities and holiday shopping.

If you are uneasy with the parking place you have picked, or if you are suspicious of the people lingering and sitting in automobiles, consider finding another location.

Follow your instincts; if you notice glass from a shattered car window, graffiti, or a lot of rubbish, these might be signs of a safety issue. In general, crowded parking lots are safer than distant, unfrequented trailheads.

Always be mindful of your surroundings. Most individuals waiting in their cars at trailheads, like you, are there to enjoy an outdoor activity. However, there are those who are up to no good and will take advantage. Thieves are known to observe what you do.

Check that your car doors are secured and your windows are rolled up. Never leave your valuables on display.

Please contact the Placer County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center at (530) 886-5375 if you have any information on the recent car burglaries or wish to report suspicious activity. You can also remain anonymous by calling the PCSO North Lake Tahoe Tip Line at (530) 581-6320 Option 7.

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