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Rare Bipartisan Support Emerges as Nevada Governor Backs Democrat’s Bill on Public Lands Development

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, April 4, 2024 11:46 am

In an unusual display of bipartisan cooperation, Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo has thrown his weight behind a bill proposed by Democratic Representative Susie Lee, aimed at streamlining projects on public lands. The move marks a significant departure from traditional party lines and underscores the urgency of addressing housing challenges in the state.

Just two weeks ago, Rep. Lee urged Gov. Lombardo to endorse the Accelerating Appraisals and Conservation Efforts (AACE) Act, designed to cut through bureaucratic red tape hindering housing and infrastructure initiatives. Lombardo’s endorsement of a Democrat-sponsored bill is a noteworthy departure from his usual party affiliation, signaling a shared commitment to addressing Nevada’s housing crisis.

“Nevada families deserve access to attainable housing — and that begins with eliminating governmental barriers to development,” stated Lombardo, emphasizing the importance of expediting housing projects to meet the needs of residents.

The AACE Act aims to alleviate the shortage of land appraisers by allowing the Department of Interior to contract with private appraisers for federal land assessments, thereby expediting the process. With over 80 percent of Nevada’s land federally owned, the legislation offers a crucial pathway to accelerate land deals without additional costs to taxpayers.

Representative Lee welcomed Lombardo’s endorsement, highlighting the bipartisan nature of the bill and its potential to facilitate housing, conservation, and infrastructure projects on public lands. The legislation has garnered unanimous support from the House Natural Resources Committee and received endorsement from the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, further underscoring its broad appeal across party lines.

In a state where housing affordability is a pressing concern, the collaboration between Governor Lombardo and Representative Lee represents a significant step towards addressing Nevada’s housing challenges and fostering bipartisan solutions for the benefit of residents.

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