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Reno Reduces Speed Limit on Veterans Parkway at Night To Prevent Horse Collisions

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 19, 2023 12:40 pm

NEVADA – In an effort to prevent vehicle collisions with wild horses, the city of Reno has lowered the speed limit on Veterans Parkway in south Reno from 45 mph to 35 mph at night. The four-mile stretch between Geiger Grade and South Meadows Parkway now has a speed limit of 35 mph from sunset to sunrise.

According to city officials, the new signage is experimental, and city staff will monitor the area to determine whether it is effective in reducing crashes with wild horses. The stretch of Veterans Parkway is the only dual-speed limit road in Reno.

Councilwoman Naomi Duerr expressed concerns over the number of accidents involving horses on Veterans Parkway. “In the past few years, there have been 14 reported vehicle crashes on Veterans Parkway alone related to Virginia Range horses,” she said. “Almost all of these accidents occurred at night, and might have been avoidable if vehicles were driving at slower speeds.”

Car crashes with wild horses can be fatal for the animals and cause significant damage to vehicles. As the region has seen rapid growth in recent years, these accidents have become more common.

Reno Police Lt. Michael Browett stated that there would be a grace period where officers would educate and warn drivers about the new speed limit, rather than issuing tickets immediately. He also mentioned that officers would only enforce the “nighttime” speed limit when it is clearly dark, and not solely based on sunset times found on Google.

City leaders plan to observe the results of the trial period for a year, covering all seasons. Several signs are posted on both sides of Veterans Parkway, with the nighttime speed limit sign having a black background, as required by federal regulations.

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