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Two Pilots Survive Lake Mead Engine-Failure Crash

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, October 17, 2022 12:37 am

Two Pilots Survive Lake Mead Engine-Failure Crash

NEVADA – Engine failure led two pilots to ditch their jet in Lake Mead this month, and they survived.

Chad Rodgers and Charles Wood took out from Grand Canyon Airport on Oct. 1 and immediately noticed something was awry. Wood spotted sparks and flames coming from his side of the engine, but Chad didn’t. The cockpit filled with smoke.

Rodgers’ initial thought was, “I’ll die.” Rodgers jumped on the radio to figure out where to land. Wood told Chad, “You’re over the lake right now.” Rodgers: “Once I heard the lake was below me, I was sure we’d live.” The pilot felt safe with a soft water landing. Rodgers: “About 30-40 seconds after landing, the plane flipped and sunk.”

Three minutes from engine failure to Lake Mead landing. As the plane sank, they swam away. The crash left them unharmed. “There was more than good piloting and aviation at play.” Rodgers: “I think angels and God watched over us.”

Credits: Fox5Vegas / Cessna

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