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Washoe County School District Implements New Crisis Alert System for Enhanced Student and Staff Safety

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, August 22, 2023 7:22 pm

NEVADA – Washoe County schools are taking a proactive step towards ensuring student and staff safety with the installation of the Centegix crisis alert system. This state-of-the-art system equips staff members with an immediate response tool, enabling them to summon help swiftly in critical situations.

Known as Centegix, this innovative system involves staff wearing or carrying a badge, similar in size to a driver’s license or key card. The badge is equipped with a button that, when pressed three times, triggers an alert for staff support. In the event of repeated clicks, the system initiates a lockdown and automatically contacts law enforcement.

The system’s corresponding app provides real-time information, such as the location, type of alert, and the staff member’s name. What sets Centegix apart is its autonomy; it operates independently of cellular networks or Wi-Fi signals, ensuring a rapid response even in challenging scenarios.

Chief Jason Trevino of the Washoe County School District Police emphasized the significance of the system, stating, “The idea that any staff member can summon an immediate police response will save valuable time in the event of an actual emergency.” He further highlighted the system’s flexibility, working both indoors and outdoors, including athletic fields and school grounds.

One of the key features of Centegix is its geofencing capability. Each staff member’s badge is not limited to a specific school; it works across schools within the district. For example, if a staff member assigned to School A visits School B for an activity, their badge will function seamlessly, and the system will accurately track their location.

The Washoe County School Board of Trustees received an update on the system during a recent board meeting. Some schools within the district have already completed the installation, and staff training is in progress. The full implementation is expected to roll out at the beginning of the upcoming academic year, ensuring a safer school environment.

The implementation cost of $4.8 million dollars is funded through the federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund. Centegix, an Atlanta-based company, has gained traction nationwide, with various school districts utilizing its cutting-edge crisis alert system.

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