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From left to right: Assemblywomen Selena Torres, Brittney Miller, and Marilyn Dondero-Loop)

RSLC Targets Down-Ballot ‘Biden Allies’ With ‘Republican Roadmap’ Campaign

‘State Republicans serve as the last line of defense for their constituents’

By Megan Barth, April 30, 2024 2:53 pm

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) and its affiliated PACs has released its ‘Republican Roadmap’ ad campaign throughout the swingy Silver State highlighting how “state Republicans serve as the last line of defense for their constituents” in a pivotal 2024 election year.

In Nevada, Democrats have a supermajority in the Assembly and are one seat short to having a supermajority in the Senate. A gain of one seat in the Senate and holding the supermajority in the Assembly would give the Democratic state party a veto-proof supermajority, thereby quashing any attempt by Governor Lombardo and his republican colleagues in the legislature to introduce or pass reformative legislation.

Governor Joe Lombardo delivers his State of the State to the Nevada legislature. (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe)

Although a dual supermajority is within grasp, state Democrats have rallied around President Biden who is facing the worst poll numbers of any incumbent president in recent history.

According to a recent tracking survey by pollsters Civiqs, overall the president has a net approval rating nationwide of -22 percent, with 57 percent disapproving of the job he is doing and 35 percent approving. In Nevada, Biden’s net approval is -23 percent, with 58 percent disapproving of the job his is doing. 

Immigration and border security remain the top issues for voters this year, which is why the opening message of our ‘Republican Roadmap’ ad series reminds Americans that state Republicans are the only ones focused on securing the border, tackling the fentanyl crisis, and working to reduce illegal immigration while Washington remains in gridlock,” said RSLC President Dee Duncan.“If Joe Biden’s state allies continue to fail their constituents by implementing the Biden Administration’s strategy of overwhelming our states with multiple crises created by their own choices, then conservatives must and will continue fighting back to deliver a Republican Roadmap for success. We will defend and reclaim majorities as well as take even more seats from Democrats in blue state strongholds because Americans know that Republicans in the states are their last hope to address the crisis at the border.

The ad contrasts President Joe Biden and “Border Czar” Vice President Kamala Harris’ “outright refusal” to secure the border with the state Republican agenda of mobilizing the National Guard, cracking down on the fentanyl crisis, and encouraging the federal government to step up and take action.

Since the Democratic majority has convened in Carson City, numerous bills were passed and signed by former Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak that reduced the penalties on fentanyl trafficking, reduced felonies to misdemeanors, and overhauled Nevada’s criminal justice system. Attempts by the Republican minority to revise the legislation were largely ignored or gutted.

Earlier this month, an illegal immigrant was arrested in connection with the death of Kurt Englehart, a Senior Advisor to Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. The suspect, Eduardo Rueda-Linares entered the country illegally in March 2021.

An undocumented couple, who were deported in 2019, found their way back into the country entering Northern Nevada from California. During their travels in Reno, Carson County, Douglas County, Lyon County, Storey County and Washoe County, they were pulled over for speeding and then arrested and charged with multiple felonies related to mail theft, identity theft, burglary, and forgery.

They are currently being held on $1 million bail. The Douglas County Sheriff’s office has contacted ICE and has requested an immigration hold placed on the suspects and has contacted the U.S. Postal Inspectors Office and the Department of Homeland Security to assist with the investigation.






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