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A gun rights rally at the Capital House in Concord, NH, March 9, 2019. (Photo: J Kelsey/Shutterstock)

Gottlieb: Sam Brown Is Lying About Adam Laxalt

2nd Amendment Defender Defends Laxalt Record on Gun Rights

By Alan Gottlieb, January 11, 2022 3:13 pm

With Joe Biden and the Democrats actively working to roll back the 2nd Amendment liberties of law-abiding gun owners across Nevada and the country, it’s vital that we elect a Senator who will fight back and protect our Constitution.

We have a candidate who will do that in Adam Laxalt. A champion for the Second Amendment, he fought for us as Attorney General and he’s promised to do the same when he is elected to the Senate. Unfortunately, one of his desperate primary challengers, Sam Brown, has resorted to lying about his record to get attention.

In a recent story for by the Nevada Independent, Brown made the false claim that Laxalt supported recommendations made for so-called “red flag” gun laws to be enacted in Nevada. While the article makes it clear that Adam opposed these recommendations and actively campaigned against AB 291 – a law that included red flag provisions – in 2019, Brown doesn’t seem to care about the facts.

To be fair, it’s no surprise that Brown – who only moved to Nevada in 2018 – might not be familiar with Laxalt’s record on the Second Amendment. Otherwise, Brown would know that Laxalt as Attorney General sued liberals who tried to roll back gun rights. Laxalt also successfully expanded conceal carry reciprocity laws to other states, giving key protections for Nevada gun owners.

Laxalt’s record speaks for itself, which is why the National Rifle Association supported him in 2018 and why he has, time and again, earned the endorsements of the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and the Nevada Firearms Coalition.

It’s unclear what Brown himself actually believes about the Second Amendment. The Nevada Independent reports that he only vaguely lists it as “seventh on a list of key issues” on his website. When asked, Brown seemed to have more to say about Laxalt’s record on the Second Amendment than he did about his own record.

The bottom line is simple. Adam Laxalt has repeatedly and consistently fought to protect our Second Amendment rights from the radical left. Sam Brown has not.

What is clear is why Brown is lobbing these false attacks: someone on his campaign has convinced him that attacking Laxalt is the only way to win. This is bad advice. With Catherine Cortez Masto trailing in the polls to Laxalt, she needs a divided Republican Party to survive this election.

Brown is doing everything he can to give Cortez Masto what she wants. While Brown has no chance of winning – and he knows it – his campaign seems to think that lying about Laxalt makes him more likeable to voters.

Fortunately, Nevada conservatives are smarter than Brown thinks they are. Adam Laxalt is the champion we need to defend our Second Amendment liberties and restore conservative leadership for Nevada. Voters know this, and that’s why he’ll win.

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One thought on “Gottlieb: Sam Brown Is Lying About Adam Laxalt

  1. its almost funny that Laxalt is calling Brown a liar, when Laxalt only lived here 4 months when he decided to run for AG in 2014. Yes, he was born here, big deal. He left & did NOT return until 4 months BEFORE he ran for office. Seems Brown took a piece right out of Laxalt’s playbook. BOTH candidates do not care about Nevada, they care about holding office & higher ambitions, NOT the here and now. Neither will be receiving my support.

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