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President Biden delivers fiery remarks in Valley Forge, PA. (Photo: @AP)

OPINION: Verdict Is In, American Exceptionalism is Dying

The Left is now fighting against any proud American with a dollar and a dream

By Sigal Chattah, May 31, 2024 4:08 pm

Yesterday was a dark day for American Jurisprudence and an even darker day for our Republic. Over the last six weeks, we have seen legal analysts masticate evidentiary issues, jury admonishments, litigant admonishments, and ex-parte communications. Everything three years of law-school taught us lawyers–both civilly and criminally–was effectively challenged, and a century of legal precedent was disregarded.

Yesterday my heart broke, as a trial lawyer and as an American. Yesterday was the death of American exceptionalism. Despite that, I still believe that American Jurisprudence is the most superior system of law in the world.

Yet, the jubilation following a verdict that was based on judicial cumulative error compels a new standard of appeal that would supersede an abuse of discretion standard. But, this is not that kind of editorial.

The jubilation of vindication over a perceived threat to the American ethos is what is concerning, and even more tragic. The demonization of a growing and historic movement that bears no threat to anyone and was organically created to preserve American exceptionalism, is astonishing. Make America Great Again (MAGA) is a “direct threat to this nation” President Biden, the Democrat party, and their well-funded activists have publicly charged.

Sigal Chattah stands with President Donald J. Trump in Nevada. (Photo: @SigalChattah)

Have we fallen so low as a nation that patriotism and a love of country is now demonized?

Have we fallen so low as a nation that American ingenuity is vilified?

Have we reached the tipping point in that half of the country prefers to pay higher premiums for industries controlled by our Government, rather than a cheaper, competitive, private-sector free market?

Have the economic ideas of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations disintegrated into the oblivion of a dependent populous satisfied by government subsidies and handouts, rather than socio-economic advancement of a true meritocracy? 

When did mediocrity become so en vogue that the desire to have American exceptionalism return, politically render half the nation as political and cultural pariahs in their own country?

When did our unique and coveted constitutional rights became so disposable to the Left that they now demonize and marginalize their fellow Americans as symbols of radicalization?

When the Left criticizes the MAGA movement, American exceptionalism and the American Dream is precisely what they are criticizing. They are actively dismantling generations of American ingenuity as our economic rivals cheer for our descent.

As the Left claims to “fight for the American worker,” they now fight against American workers who believe in the positive correlation between hard work and success.

The Left is now fighting against any proud American with a dollar and a dream.

So, to all of those who have happily joined the America Last movement created by the Democratic party, reportedly led by Joe Biden, and supported by his fellow Democrats and outlier Republicans, you are reveling in the downfall of American values, American Jurisprudence, American exceptionalism, the American worker, the American Family, and the American Dream.

Indeed, you deserve to join the ranks of the unexceptional and partake in the economic misery that your government has designed for you. 

This is the choice you have made, but that will never be the choice of MAGA because America is exceptional, despite her faults and failures.

We will fight to let freedom ring from the Bronx to Nevada, and beyond, as we work to Make America Great Again for all Americans, even the ones who are cheering for her demise.


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3 thoughts on “OPINION: Verdict Is In, American Exceptionalism is Dying

  1. Excellent article. It is SO SAD tho but it’s all true. My heart is broken tonite for my country. The country I love. 😭 I will never let these demons take my country without a fight. I won’t give up until I’m dead & gone.

  2. This push for Marxist dictatorship has been growing for years and people are too comfortable with remaining uninformed to give a crap. Maybe people aren’t aware that a man was sentenced to 7 months in prison and paid a substantial fine for posting a meme mocking Hillary.

    BTW: just as a note, I have been suspended from X (Twitter), the alleged free speech site!

  3. I am confused?? I thought Biden et. al. told us that the “Justice system” was rotten.. especially for minorities, poc, immigrants, lgbtqrsst++, etc and peta protected animals etc,
    Now we are told by Biden, we are dangerous and un American, if we question the Justice “system” .
    Could someone in the Naft/Biden contingent provide clarity? What about the “innocents project “?? Guess they are dangerous according to Biden.

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