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After the Armed Robbery She Is Terrified to Stay In Her Home

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, November 23, 2022 11:12 pm

After the Armed Robbery She Is Terrified to Stay In Her Home

LAS VEGAS – A woman who was home when two armed guys burst in is now terrified to return.

The incident occurred late on Monday night near Rainbow Boulevard and Alta Drive.

Gorgeous Glinton claims she was fast sleeping when her workplace was broken into and the thieves made off with thousands of dollars in cash.

Glinton claimed, “I may have lost everything I had, but I’m still here.”

She bought a house approximately three months ago, and now she’s starting to feel apprehensive about staying in it. The men were armed with a rifle and a pick when her Ring doorbell video caught them breaking in.

I stayed up the whole night before. In the center of the bed, with the revolver my son gave me and my phone. “I just kept hearing things,” Glinton claimed.

Even though Las Vegas Metropolitan Police responded the night of the break-in, Glinton is taking further precautions for his own safety. On Wednesday, she had security professionals set up additional cameras, and she has plans to have bars installed on her windows.

She said that her home’s alarm didn’t go off the night of the break-in, and that a technician told her that the burglars may have used a device to deactivate the WI-FI and turn off the security system.

“They might be able to pick the lock and get back in,” Glinton speculated.

She claims that robbers took $47,000 in cash from her, which she had placed in envelopes. Contractors were currently working on her house, and the funds were intended to pay them.

Glinton added that she has a catering business and a food truck.

Glinton, a mother of three, explained, “It was all I had, and maybe they needed it more than me.”

Experts advise getting to know one’s neighbor for the purpose of sharing security information. They also suggest installing security cameras that do not rely on wireless internet access but rather on hardwired connections.

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