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As Egg Prices Soar, Backyard Coops Are Growing

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 27, 2023 12:38 am

LAS VEGAS – Since egg prices have gone up since the winter, local chicken owners have seen a rise in the number of people who want to get backyard coops or who ask their neighbors for free eggs.

“Every day, friends and family send us texts asking, ‘Got an extra dozen?'” said Lindsay Stahl, who runs “Las Vegas Backyard Pet Chicken” and saves free eggs for low-income families.

“Giving people eggs makes us happy,” she said.

Dozens of people join the “Las Vegas Backyard Pet Chicken” group every day to learn more about owning chickens and see if it could help with empty shelves and high egg prices.

“We want to teach there. We are always getting smarter. “The most important part is helping people who keep chickens in their yards,” Stahl said, giving owners the facts. The costs of having chickens quickly add up, between a chicken coop, food, antibiotics, and daily supplements. “You won’t be able to make money from it. It’s an expensive hobby, and it’s against the law to sell eggs from your backyard, she said.

Many homeowners’ associations don’t let people own chickens, making it hard for many to keep chickens in their backyards.

Stahl says that owning chickens is more of a way of life and a passion for fresh, hand-raised food. And cherished chickens as pets.

“They like to talk to people. They want to talk to you and hang out. “They are very smart and friendly,” Stahl said. “They make you laugh. She said, “They make you smile.”

Stahl tells people that chickens are social animals who need at least two of them to be happy.

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