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Bike Riders in Las Vegas Continue To Put Themselves and Others in Danger

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 16, 2023 3:45 am

LAS VEGAS – Reckless riding remains an issue on Las Vegas highways, with children riding their bikes into oncoming traffic, and many residents in the Southern Highland Community are fed up.

“At least another 20 to 25 had just past us by the time my wife took her phone out, that was the second half of the group that we saw, and some of them were smoking pot and a lot of them stood on the handlebars of the bicycles,” Barry C, a resident of the Southern Highlands, said.

A number of riders, according to Barry, congregate near Olympia Park. He believes that parents should be aware that reckless riding is posing a significant safety risk in their community.

“I believe that parents should be aware that their children are going around in groups of up to 50 people, occasionally antagonizing older members of the community. They’re high and riding their bikes dangerously. Someone will be wounded, and this will cause problems for the guy who hits one of them “Barry stated.

Jennifer Feeler, a CCSD bus driver, stated that she sees riders on her routes when picking up and dropping off children at school and going home from work.

“It happens every day in my classroom, where the majority of my pupils are middle schoolers who weave in and out of cars during bell time. Getting on the buses, performing wheelies, and going directly into oncoming traffic, “Feeler stated. “Often, if you don’t slam on your brakes because swerving isn’t an option without colliding with another vehicle. Keep your fingers crossed that the child does not make contact with you.”

What can be done, then? Residents want additional police officers patrolling the streets in their neighborhoods. Feeler stated that having CCSD officers close would also be good because this occurs more frequently when school is out.

We spoke with cyclists in the neighborhood, they stated they would go if there was a bike park nearby. They tend to migrate to the roadway because it is the closest choice to the nearest park in the Silverado Ranch region.

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