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Boulder City Residents to Face Increased Utility Rates Starting October

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, July 14, 2023 1:53 pm

LAS VEGAS – Boulder City residents will soon experience an increase in their electric, water, and sewer rates following the approval of the rate hike by the Boulder City Council on July 11. The decision was made after a rate study conducted by consulting firm Raftelis revealed that the cost of providing these essential services had significantly risen in recent years due to market rates, inflation, and the impact of the pandemic on the economy and supply chain.

Under the new rate structure, electric rates will be unbundled, separating the energy charge and delivery charge. Raftelis recommended a 4% annual increase for each charge over the next three fiscal years. Water rates will see a 2.5% annual increase, and wastewater rates will also rise by 2.5% annually over the same period.

For residential customers, the impact on monthly bills will vary depending on usage. For example, residents using 500 kWh of energy and 3,000 gallons of water can expect an increase of about $3, while those using 1,100 kWh of energy and 14,000 gallons of water may see an increase of about $4. Commercial customers will also experience varying impacts based on their usage.

City Manager Taylour Tedder emphasized that the rate increases were reasonable and necessary to maintain infrastructure and fund capital projects while still keeping rates lower than neighboring municipalities. The changes will take effect starting with the October billing cycle, allowing residents to prepare for the adjustments.

To assist residents with their utility expenses, Boulder City offers programs such as Energy Assistance, Water and Sewer Assistance, and Budget Billing. Eligible individuals can apply for financial assistance through these programs to receive a fixed annual credit or spread their utility costs evenly throughout the year.

For those in need of emergency financial aid, Emergency Aid is available to Boulder City residents. They can be contacted by phone or through their website for more information and assistance.

As Boulder City prepares for these rate changes, the city aims to balance the financial needs of the utility with the goal of providing affordable and reliable services to its residents.

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