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Disturbing Revelations on Las Vegas Shooter’s Website Uncovered

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 8, 2023 8:54 am

LAS VEGAS – In a deep dive into Anthony Polito’s personal website, tonypolito.com, a disturbing portrayal of the Las Vegas shooting suspect’s mind emerges. The antiquated website layout, coupled with cryptic and odd documents, paints a chilling picture of a narcissistic and disturbed individual.

While lacking flashy elements, the site reveals unsettling pages apparently written by Polito. One document, labeled “Statement of Instructional Philosophy,” criticizes universities, stating, “There is political turf-fighting, ignoble actions, pettiness, insularity,” revealing a scorn for fellow professors.

During a press briefing, Sheriff Kevin McMahill disclosed Polito’s unsuccessful attempts to secure jobs at Nevada Higher Education institutions, hinting at potential motives. The police also revealed a list of people Polito was targeting on a university campus.

Polito’s obsessions with unsolved mysteries, such as the Zodiac killer, are evident in his writings. He claimed to have deciphered the Zodiac cipher, showcasing an inflated ego. Positive comments from supposed students and an article on building a computer provide a contrasting image.

The website contains links to articles on Area 51, Jack the Ripper, the JFK assassination, and the 2001 Anthrax attacks. Police discovered that Polito sent 22 letters with an unknown white powder, later determined to be talcum powder, to various university personnel.

Despite expressing enthusiasm for Las Vegas in his “Personal Profile,” Polito faced difficulties, as evidenced by an eviction notice found on his apartment door. Inside, a chair with an arrow pointing to a document resembling a last will and testament was discovered, potentially holding clues to his motive.

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