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Dog Found With Gunshot Wounds Now Receiving Care At Las Vegas Animal Foundation

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 2, 2023 9:44 pm

LAS VEGAS – A dog recovering from several gunshot wounds is now undergoing treatment at The Animal Foundation.

Max was discovered on the side of a road near Frenchman Mountain on the extreme east side of Las Vegas, suffering from gunshot wounds.

X-rays revealed that he had multiple bullet pieces in his head, back, and shoulder and a skull fracture.

The Animal Foundation’s veterinary staff could not say when Max was shot, but they assume the wounds are older due to the extent of infection present.

Staff was able to gently remove the bullet fragments and clean his infected wounds while also placing drains to aid in healing and sutures to close the wounds.

On Instagram, the shelter also posted photographs of the wounds and x-rays. Some images may be upsetting to some readers.

Max is now on antibiotics and pain relievers for the next few days. Due of the severity of his injuries, he will also require sedation.

Despite his ordeal, Max is loving and trusting with every team member who comes near him, according to The Animal Foundation.

The shelter thinks the puppy is about two years old.

Max will get critical care throughout his recovery thanks to the shelter’s CARE Fund and the outpouring of sympathy for Penny, the dog suffering from severe mange.

There has been no more word on whether an inquiry into the incident is now underway.

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